Sacramento area based drummer & songwriter, Brad Sanders, has been honing his craft by way of writing, recording, and releasing music since 2010 -- the learn by doing approach. Originally a drummer and still very much so, Brad began exploring the guitar, piano, bass, and in 2017 built his home studio that allowed him uninterrupted recording time.


Brad’s evolution into songwriting allowed him to begin writing for music libraries that supply music for tv shows & films. The constant demand for new music from the libraries would further develop his skills as a writer, engineer, and his first love, drumming.


Why the title, Hats?  When I was writing and recording I kept on thinking, time to put on my bass player or guitar player hat, or whatever instrument I was recording next.  I also thought that I was going to send this one out to be mixed and mastered but I ended up wearing those hats as well.  Naming the album Hats just seemed kind of fitting.

Each song is completely different from each other.  Some are quiet, some loud, some louder.  I love them all but I do have my favorites.  I put my Bonham hat on for In Due Time, a tune I wrote for my sister as a birthday gift.  And that's always fun! The Victorious Mr. Bitey Face is titled after my dog, Gus.  He's an 85 pound German Shepherd and he pretty much owns me.  We were only supposed to foster him for one night but it took less than an hour to realize that he's my dog and I'm his person.  He's been a part of our family since February of 2019.  When I was finished with that tune, I listened to it a few times in the car and on my way back inside, Gus was sitting there looking kind of like a hero surveying the land.  It's now his theme song.  Speaking of heroes, the song Superhero was named after Eddie Van Halen.  When it came time to track the guitar parts for the song I decided to try tapping, one of the many, many things I think we all love about Eddie's playing.  Obviously I'm going at a snail's pace compared to anything he did but he was the main inspiration when recording the song.

Like I said, I love all the tunes on this album.  It represents about 6 months of my life, and I'm proud of each of the 14 songs.  It's time to send them out into the world and see what they will become.  Hope you dig them!




Brad Sanders

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Press / Reviews

If tribal, pulsating, purposeful beats with a splash of tasty funk for good measure are your idea of a good time, then feast your ears on this!” - Ray Sansom

— Grizzly Whiskers

Sanders spellbinds our emotions on this 80's fused stunner to take us into a happier place.” - Llewelyn Screen

— A&R Factory

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